Art of Delivery Monthly – June 2021

Thanks again for joining us for this month’s Art of Delivery Monthly

During the question and answer session on Sunday we talked a little bit about which tapping points are associated with which issue. Ann Adams offered to share a document with some information on this. Here is the caveat she provided:

But as I mentioned in my chat to you that in my experience it is nowhere near as cut and dried as Diamond seemed to think. Seems to me that any given “name” of an “emotion” is nothing more than the brain’s name we give that sensation, then emotions are simply metaphors for energy disruptions anyway. And since all the meridians are connected tapping on one would appear to be tapping on all.

Acupressure Points Related Organs and Emotions
by John Diamond, M.D.

  • Eyebrow (EB) – Bladder – Trauma, Frustration, Restless
  • Side of Eye (SE) – Gall Bladder – Rage
  • Under Eye (UE) – Stomach – Anxiety/Fear, Nervousness, Craving
  • Under nose (UN) – Governing Vessel – Embarrassment
  • Under lip (UL) or Chin (Ch) – Central Vessel – Shame
  • Collarbone (CB) – Kidney – Anxiety, Insecurity
  • Under arm (UA) – Spleen – Anxiety, Fear of future, Self- esteem issues
  • Below Nipple (BN) – Liver – Unhappiness
  • Thumb (Th) – Lung – Grief, Intolerance, Arrogance
  • Index finger (IF) – Large Intestine – Guilt
  • Middle finger (MF) – Circulation Sex – Jealousy, Addictive Cravings
  • Little finger (LF) or Baby finger (Bf) – Heart – Anger
  • Side of hand (SH) or karate chop (KC) – Small Intestine – Sadness, Reversals